Journey For Life



Journey For Life
by Hugh A Tague

Bursting forth from an earthbound pod
finding freedom in the late Autumn wind
adrift high above the mountain’s side
through treetops on currents of air it rides.

The winds deflected by the canopy of limbs
sending the little seed twisting and turning
the fluffy white flyer’s adventure now unsure
as it falls gently toward the forest floor.

Just before landing upon earth’s solid ground
rich soil and mulch becoming its final rest
a swift breeze lifted it atop some high grass
through which a majestic buck just happened to pass.

Leaping and bounding through the forest thick
running across open fields and meadows
clinging to the stiff hair of the bucks winter pelt
the seed once again moving through nature’s wealth.

Combed from the buck’s thick warm skin
by the thorns of briers in a thicket near the glen
settling on the moving water of a stream
over the falls and through rapids it then careened.

Now floating on a slow and lazy river
a hungry fish stalked it from the dark depths below
the violent and sudden strike a slight miss
the seed sent ashore by the splashing tail of a fish.

Left to dry in the light in of the mid day’s sun
the little seed’s long journey has now come to an end
in spring along the lake’s shore it will thrive and grow
bursting from pods an adventure each new seed shall know.


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