Autumn’s Sun


Photo by Hugh A Tague
Photo by Hugh A Tague


Autumn’s Sun
by Hugh A Tague

Autumn’s sun shines bright by day
warming the ground where fallen leaves lay.
As if Mother Nature had to sneeze
a strong wind blew the color from the trees.

Nighttime arrived with a clear star filled sky
sound asleep under a warm blanket we lie.
Jack Frost’s breath fell gently upon the ground
kissing the once green fields turning them brown.

Like ghost in the night appeared fog and mist
some is thick and heavy some barely a wisp.
In the evening’s cool breeze they frolic and dance
only to vanish in the light of the new day‘s advance.

Dreams of fun in the warm summer’s sun
now fade with the day for the night is done.
Brown fields and bare trees signal Winter’s in sight
but for today Autumn’s sun will still shine bright.


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