Sixteen Magazine


I have been very fortunate to take part in an exciting on-line writing project; “Sixteen Magazine”.  Sixteen is a free online magazine that aims to use the 1916 centenary to help emerging and professional writers craft new work based on the 1916 Easter Rising. We are deeply interested in how Ireland has changed in the last 100 years since and want to explore how the events of that week in 1916 have shaped us as a nation today or if they did at all. I have included some links below that lead to some of my submissions, and to some of the main pages of the publication.

A Terrible Beauty’s Birth

Witness From The Green

My Pledge of Allegiance

Surely This Has Changed The World 

Your Antagonist, My Champion

This Place

Wealthy with Love

Muirchu: The Sea Hound

About Us at Sixteen

Art by Michael G Duffy
Art by Michael G Duffy




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