Tomorrow's Awakening by Rachel Bingaman
“Tomorrow’s Awakening” by Rachel Bingaman


by, Hugh A Tague

The silent, and unforgiving boreal descends
Upon tawny fields and umber forests.
Snowflakes glisten with hues of periwinkle.
Endless night’s moon sires ice crystal’s twinkle.

First light comes early with marmalade skies,
Then gloaming in tangerine, garnet, and gold.
Reaching into the night, nudging them awake,
Thereupon the end of Winter’s dormant break.

The sand and sea teem with solstice heat.
Twilight’s horizons painted in crimson and fire.
Long days and short nights. sunlight reigns supreme,
Warming their bows, feeding lush leaves of green.

Imitation: the most sincere form of flattery
Through tribute they say, ‘thank you and goodnight.’
Brilliantly dressed in every color the sun knows;
Erelong they fall asleep before winter’s first snow.


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