Masterpiece: Day’s End

Masterpiece: Day's End
Masterpiece: Day’s End

Masterpiece: Day’s End
by Hugh A Tague

A magenta glow stained horizon
announced the end of a beautiful day
evenings cool air fell upon the shore
as summer’s sun dove deep into the bay.

The day’s last breeze rolled across the jetty
gently kissing the awaiting dune’s grass
backlit by the setting sun’s soft light
a hopeful fisherman made the day’s last cast.

Soon the bay’s surface will reign black
dark as the shadow of its deepest trench
without the reflection of the bright blue sky
the waters thirst for color can not be quenched.

The moon and stars high in the night’s sky
with their silvery light wash the shoreline
until the first crack of the new day’s dawn
when the warm summer’s sun again will shine.


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