Father Time’s Great Clock

Father Time’s Great Clock

Stars high in the clear night sky twinkling bright,

the ground covered with a new blanket of white.

The air is still, not so much as a breeze

soon winds of change shall blow through the trees.


Tonight is the beginning of a brand-new year,

Mankind looks back, at all they held dear.

Celebrating the special event with great mirth,

just another trip around the sun, for Mother Earth.


The Moon’s light gently kissed the fresh powder coat

making the carpet of snow glisten with new hope.

Winter’s darkness now battles with the Day’s light,

soon Spring’s Sun shall win the age old fight.


Tonight is but a tick of Father Time’s great clock

reminding us, that for no one can time stop.

To all that will ring in this promising new year,

I wish you health, peace, wealth, and cheer.


© 1/1/2014 Hugh Tague

Art work by; Alex Stone,

Art work by; alexstoneart, Alex Stone