Ode to Poe


To Poe,

A dear friend took me on a walk one day
he told me about The City in the Sea
he spoke of a beautiful girl he once loved
A Valentine from his past Ms. Annabel Lee
his words made me feel like we weren’t Alone
as if we were in A Dream Within A Dream
I gasped when The Black Cat ran across our path
it was ok he said it’s just his friend Eldorado
the cat once lived on The Island of the Fay
as well as a Manuscript Found in a Bottle
it told of a pirate’s treasure The Gold Bug
guarded by Spirits of the Dead or so he said
The Haunted Palace was The Valley of Unrest
William Wilson wore The Masque of the Red Death
that’s why you should Never Bet the Devil Your Head
after we had Some Words With a Mummy
I heard The Bells ring out For Annie in Dream-Land
we set sail on the great ship Ligeia
searching for the beautiful mermaid Eleonora
suddenly the sea turned into The Oval Portrait
A Descent Into The Maelström had began
at the bottom The Pit and the Pendulum broke
The Tell-Tale Heart still beats upon my chamber door
The Sleeper I am not for The Raven he keeps watch
now my friend walks with The Angel of the Odd
I am left to reflect through The Spectacles of love
for the Silence – A Fable he is with me evermore.

By Hugh A Tague


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