Can You See What I See?



Can You See What I See?

by  Hugh A Tague

I see Autumn’s brilliant colors are all but gone,
Summer’s sweet song has long been sung.
Short days followed by endless cold nights,
brown forest and fields are now Winter’s delight.

I see a bear walking about curious and free,
no more long Summer’s naps, in the shade of a tree.
She now searches for a safe and suitable den,
so her and her cubs, can sleep until Winter’s end.

I see squirrels abandon their tree-top penthouse suites,
storing nuts underground, or in the hollow of a tree.
Needing food aplenty, they will not sleep Winter away,
even on the snowiest days, the squirrels frolic and play.

I see the lake preparing for its hardened sheet of ice,
growing colder by the day, then freezing overnight.
Ice-cold wind will blow across its tempered top,
not until Spring, will it finally come to a stop.

I see Winter is about to fall upon the land,
enveloping all the forest, its beast, and Man.
This well laid plan is much bigger than us all
some never see, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.

I admire all that surrounds me every day,
just a visitor here, I will soon fade away.
Until that time, I shall cherish all that I can,
what I see today, I may never see again.

Can You See What I See?



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