Late Summer Storm

“Late Summer Storm” by Cindy Griffith
“Late Summer Storm” by Cindy Griffith


Late Summer Storm

by Hugh A Tague

The long warm Summer’s day
now begins to cool and fade
nighttime creeps into the day’s light
Winter’s reign of darkness now in sight.

Trees are the first as if prearranged
recognizing Mother Nature’s subtle change
denying life giving essence to branches and limbs
storing all its nourishment deep down within
soon they will enjoy a long winter’s sleep
a lasting silence but for an occasional crack or creek.

Once soft and supple green leaves
now begin to curl and quiver in the trees
dark clouds thicken as the wind responds
releasing them from their lofty bonds
swirling and tumbling amidst the storm’s wind
leaving the forest’s canopy stark and thinned.

Lightning cracked the midday’s gloom
the fallen rain Summer’s dry soil consumed
soon the ground will be hard and dry
and Winter’s snow shall begin to fly.

Growing ever shorter the Summer’s daylight
giving way to the cold darkness of the night
plants, animals and even the land is forewarned
as I look on in awe of this late Summer storm.


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