I wonder

Graphic Design by Diane Wilson

I Wonder

by Hugh A Tague

Pillowing clouds fill the night sky
back lit by the glow of the harvest moon
their edges bright as if on fire.

Like scales on a celestial serpent
the great sky dragon slowly drifts away
disappearing into the darkness.

Once again the moon cast out its light
kissing the land with illumination

Stars too begin to twinkle and play
one shot across the horizon and disappeared
as if to run and hide
a short time later
another shot off in a completely different direction.

I laughed as I thought to myself
that one will never find the other
perhaps both search for the sky dragon.

When my soul is no longer bound to my body
and it is released into the sky.

Will I be invited to play a game
of heavenly hide and seek?

Will I have a pet sky dragon
to chase around the stars?

Will my soul be worthy
of being one with the universe?

I wonder


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