Summer’s Love


Summer’s Love

by Hugh A Tague

There’s a sweet girl I know
with beautiful blue eyes
before she filled my heart with love
so all alone was I.

We make each other
laugh and sing
never sad or cry
she makes me feel so happy
she makes me feel so high.

We walked hand in hand
on the beach
at the sea’s side
stopping only to sneak a kiss
under the blue summer sky.

When she looks into my eyes
all I can do is sigh
when she kisses me on my lips
I feel like I can fly.

If I had to live without her love
I know that I would die
our two hearts
have become just one
so I won’t have to try.


3 thoughts on “Summer’s Love

    1. Its surreal, like walking in a dream, I’m completely unaware of my surroundings when I’m with her. No drug can make you that high, no amount of money, no possession so sweet as the love you hold for another ❤


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