She Saves Mementoes


She Saves Mementoes 

by Hugh A Tague

I’m thinking about a girl
the sweetest that could be
she saves mementoes
that remind her of me.

I can picture her Angelface
when she looks at such things
with a smile and loving eyes
its me she’s remembering.

I know how she feels
because I do the same
like part of a package
that she wrote my name.

Such love and admiration
for each other’s kind soul
a love so respectful
like no other I have known.


15 thoughts on “She Saves Mementoes

    1. Wow thank you, The whole reason I write is to touch people. I Honestly never experienced this kind of connection with another till I was 48, I really didn’t believe in “True Love” A thing of storybooks and fairytales. I like to think that with a true respect and admiration, it could happen with anyone anytime ❤


      1. I believe that the chances are far better for older people to know true love. Love is the most complicated of all emotions. The more experienced we get in “Life” the better our chances to simplify (Love) and only can we truly appreciate it. When we are young we “want”,” expect” things from our lovers. when we are older we are more accepting, more respectful, and while we may not know what we “want” we definitely know what we don’t want! and that is more important, I think ❤


      2. You have to be content with yourself before you can enhance another’s heart. Then two can be one without depending on the other, you don’t need to be completed just enhance, Blessed with another’s love .

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      3. That’s a bit complicated in the in that her and I met and got married when I was 18-19 and had children right away, 31+ years and 3 children later I’m taking care of her because she’s terminally Ill, I still love her as a friend, someone that I have spent a lifetime with, and the mother of my children I must see her through this time, The true love I found was with another, someone that holds my hand and kisses me all the time and accepts me for who I am and has no need to change me, in fact she has helped me to remember who I was and still am; as it turns out 🙂 Unfortunately we can’t be together all the time, My lover and I, but for now it has to do. We both have lives and don’t want to completely upset the others situation. I guess its about selflessness. Needless to say that when we do get to be together its amazing!


      4. Life isn’t always sunshine and daydreams, you know that, When I tell you that one kiss from a kind and loving heart took away a lifetime of pain and sacrifice, I’m not kidding.


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