Peeling Away Winter’s Mask


Peeling Away Winter’s Mask

By Hugh A Tague

The pure polar blanket of alabaster
that once lay at the feet of sleeping trees
no longer reflects the faint day’s light
from barren skies of grey.
Vanquished from the surface,
transformed into liquid tinder,
fueling the inferno of rebirth overhead.

The lake’s opaque tempered shell
falls victim to longer days of Spring.
Solar rays peel back Winter’s mask
from the great mirror’s face,
once again allowing Mother Nature’s image
to rebound into the heavens.

I am but a single bard, standing in awe
as the muse of the cosmos whispers
gently in my ear; inspiring my voice,
empowering my pen, painting my soul
with respect; a respect of this place
here and now, this beautiful place,
adrift among the stars.

Photograph  by Hugh A Tague
by Hugh A Tague

15 thoughts on “Peeling Away Winter’s Mask

      1. That sound great too! I’m trying to put most all my poems here so I can search and find them easily, Its going to take a while but I have been adding the new ones And adding the old as I get time which is rare lol


      2. I’m glad to hear from you again–I wanted to tell you it took me HOURS to finally find the one I was talking about!! I was ready to give up–and turns out it was just a tiny little haiku! I like your idea of putting all your work on your blog/site–my problem is that periodically I lose my mind, and delete a blog (I’ve had at least a dozen). So unless I can finally “commit”, there’s no real point to putting in all that work. Best wishes, as you continue your project–and thanks for chatting with me. Bless you.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I can relate to the losing of one’s mind its quite a lot of work organizing all these lines that pour out of our heads lol
        Im glad you found the one you were looking for, and remember there’s no such thing as a “Tiny Haiku” 🙂


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