HAIKU, English 3-5-3

by Hugh A Tague, 俳句ヒュー ©

Japanese art wallpaper 01 2560x1600 - Copy

laden boughs
Winter’s white dress coat



ramo Laden
Abito bianco mantello invernale

Laden branch
White dress coat winter

Laden branche
Robe blanche manteau d’hiver

Laden branch
White dress winter coat


7 thoughts on “HAIKU, English 3-5-3

    1. I really got lucky that It translates from 3 other languages and still maintains the syllable count in english. sometimes just having it translate from Japanese back to English and maintain the syllable count and meaning usually takes me many hours. The first time I read Haiku I thought it was a joke, But the more I read the more I began to love and respect the form. This is only the second or third that I have translated into Japanese and I like putting them on Traditional art work and in vertical columns right to left. I think they are fun and beautiful. Thanks for reading 🙂


      1. I’d like to try for another. I jotted another one down but it just didn’t work…I don’t think. I think the one today was too “obvious” I’m not sure.It has never been my form at all so I am curious to see where it may take me. New roads are at least exciting, even when wrong 😀

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