Summer’s Bounty


Summer’s Bounty
by  Hugh A Tague

The mid summer’s sun
enveloped the rich canopy
feeding leaves of green
held high atop the mightiest of trees
as their bows cast a gracious shade.

Sumac and Mountain Laurel
edge the river’s bank
Honeysuckle’s alluring scent
captivates, while Baby’s Breath
whispered of the warm summer’s breeze.

Fern completely unfurled
blanket the forest floor
cloaked amidst their lush display
fairies evade detection
despite the most cautious of trespass.

Tiger Lilies and Queen Ann’s Lace
ascend above a bed of
Buttercup and Daisy
just beyond in a field
reaching for the horizon
stands the seasons first harvest of hay.

Nature’s abundant wealth
seized by the senses
captured from every view
on this most amazing
mid summer day.

© Hugh A Tague 7/21/14

#poetry #hughatague #nature


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